Indie Artists

WetDog speaks out on his favorite indie musicians !!

You really should go and check out Jen Cass.  We think she's done a great job on "Balancing Man" and "My Daddy Said" as well as her other tracks ... a definite indie highlite.   We think she needs to lose John Jennings though ... what worked for Mary Chapin Carpenter ain't workin' for Jen ... the before John stuff was way ... no WAY ... better.  Send her some email and tell her I sent you.

This is Cindy Alexander she's an excellent singer / songwriter who signed a deal with a small indie label.   Take note of the song structures and production detail on "818" and "Sick Of Myself" ... Cindy stands out in the "indie" crowd.   Hey, she's really cute too ... eh?

Amelia's Dream is an easy listening duo that's definitely worth a listen.   Excellent writing, vocals and production on "I'm Always Home" and "Stitches" ... check em out.

Ben Arnold was signed to the Columbia/Ruffhouse label for one pretty good release in 1995.  We're impressed with his writing and production.  A top flight artist to be sure and "Astral Freak" is a classic ... give him a listen.

Later!! !