Nothing's worse than reading a long winded, ego enhanced, twenty year "Awards" statement ... so in the spirit of keeping those faded treasures buried where they belong ... here's the stuff that really matters:

Stuff # 1:  I started performing onstage at a very tender age with my father and his musical entourage in various regional productions.   I was the proto-type little kid who looked five but spoke like twenty five (no relation to Donny Osmond).   A classical study of music (guitar) followed and I pursued it well into my late adolescence and lo and behold ... I discovered my own style and voice.

Stuff # 2:   Somewhere along the way I also got excited about the physical and technical aspects of music ... and sound in general ... so I went and bought an engineering degree and got a real job designing hardware, software, and other really geeky stuff.  It all worked out pretty well I guess ... I got a couple of Patents, a couple of houses, a bunch of really cool cars and I still have enough left over for lunch and green fees ... at the country club :-)