What's New

February, 2016 -  Been extremely busy with the engineering side of my life, so my "recording artist" side has taken a back seat lately, but no more!   The plan for this month :

1.  Working on a new album with target release this year. I'm committing to producing a "finished" song per month, starting this month!  Stop by the Original Music page and watch the whole creative process unfold and become part of the production team.

2.  I'm updating the "Hot Artists" and "Guitars" pages with some great new artists.  I plan to update these pages once a month, or so, with great new music for you to check out.  If you're an artist who wants to showcase some of your music to a growing, savvy, audience ... and increase your track and cd sales ... send me an email and we'll talk.

3.  Technical questions?  Yep, I'm a professional "Degree'd" engineer with 20+ years in the business.  I love to talk "tech" ... especially where it concerns sound !  I've got a few new creations in the oven I'll share in the near future. 

4.  Always looking for talent and projects to spend money on ...

Stuff is Happening here !